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About Us

Our Vision is to inspire lifelong creative learners who will value the arts as they gain skills, forge character and cherish world cultures. We promote this through Fine Art programs that unite the best features of e-learning with the timeless wisdom of hands-on craftsmanship.

Who We are

Hello and welcome to Artful Kids Club! We are a family-owned business based in Austin. In addition to being a mom and dad to two creative kids, we are professionally trained artists working in our respective fields of graphic/UI/UX design and arts education. Our passion is to teach art to young people in a way that connects to a bigger, real-world picture–including skill mastery, career readiness, and historical/cross-cultural knowledge. Out motto: “Sophisticated Fine Art Learning for Kids, Made Simple.”
-Rebecca and Ben, Artful Kids Club founders

Our values

We believe in progression toward mastery.

We’re not going to tell your kids “there’s no mistakes in art” because we think kids can work through mistakes to accomplish challenging artistic goals. Instead, you’ll hear us say “art rewards rigor.”

We base our lessons on a few simple supplies.

We want kids to be wise stewards of earth’s resources and helpful members of their family and school. Thus, the materials we recommend are to the point. We encourage tidiness and responsibility with art supplies throughout our programs.

We believe every ethnicity and culture holds a treasury of art knowledge.

This means the canon of “art history” is inexhaustible. We foster appreciation for the rich diversity of people groups as expressed through human artistry.

We think it’s cool to be inspired by Art Masters of the past.

Art history offers valuable perspective, layered understanding of the present, and inspiration for new works of art.

We believe everyone has unique creative gifts

and we help kids discover and cultivate theirs!

We believe positive affirmation + high expectations = great achievement in art

Our lessons are infused with love, positivity, and growth-inspiring challenges.

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