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Artisan 2.0: for Public and Private Schools! Get the Fine Arts Quest schools have been raving about!

"Our Learners LOVE it. We have been so pleased by the learner-led program!""
-Jana Pappas, Founder of Acton Academy, Concord CA
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What do students learn?

"Our Guides were able to easily post the videos and our Learners created beautiful art all from their own computers. We loved it!"
- Jayme Bynum, Founder of Acton Academy West, Austin, TX
Ceramics: 12 Videos
Use air-dry clay to create animals, pottery, small containers and more!
Paper Craft: 7 Videos
Create plants, painted vases and more using paper & recycled materials
Wood Building: 4 Videos
Construct wooden frames, signs and more using craft sticks and glue!
Portraits: 5 Videos
Learn to draw realistic animal portraits using various techniques
Illustrating Comics: 6 Videos
Learn illustration techniques for animals, people, and scenes
Classic Inspirations: 7 Videos
Get inspired from famous master artists and their work

Artisan 2.0 is a seamless, learner-driven Fine Arts Quest Designed by a practicing arts-educator so you can:

  • Save umpteen hours of prep time!
  • Feel confident with a learner-paced adventure for Fine Arts
  • Engage all your learners, even those who claim they don’t like art!
  • Adapt the program to suit your needs (determine the right length, time of year, etc)

Artisan 2.0 is ideal for grades K-6 with an emphasis on visual arts and studio techniques

  • (Optional) Learners use an Artisan Warehouse to purchase their supplies using Eagle Bucks or Artisan Currency, (provided in the curriculum PDFs)
  • Step-by-step videos model each artistic technique
  • Projects range from simple to complex, so everyone can find their groove
  • Learners work toward a real-world goal of creating their own brand and setting up shop on Artisan Market Day

Rigorous + Fun Fine Art Quests feature:

  • Built-in Socratic Launches
  • 30 kid-facing videos your Learners can access on their Chromebooks
  • Perfect for K-6th grade mixed-age studios
  • Adaptable for any session length (i.e. 6, 8, 10 weeks–even an income-producing Summer Camp!)
  • 4 Professional Development Guides (quick-read PDFs to get you started!)
  • Organized into 6 Learner-Driven Tracks: Ceramics; Paper Craft; Portraits and Wood-Building; Comic Character Design (NEW!) and Inspired by the Masters (NEW!)
  • Hyperlinked materials list for easy online ordering
  • Culminates in a public exhibition: Artisan Market Day

How it works

Purchase the curriculum and get full access for 1 year.
Review the professional guides and purchase supplies.
Share the curriculum link and password with your students.
Students watch at their pace, or follow with the class.

Hi I’m Rebecca! As a second-generation Fine Artist and Arts Educator, I love to help schools like yours experience deep learning through the arts.

My background includes a B.A. in Shakespearean Literature, an EdM in Arts-in-Education from Harvard, and 20+ years as an arts leader in schools. While working as a Fine Arts Guide at several Acton Academies, I was truly inspired by the overall approach yet something felt missing when it came to art. If only there was a way to harness tech so kids could individualize their arts learning! If only there was a program that would hone traditional craftsmanship and mimic a real-world artists’ marketplace! To bridge this gap, I created The Artisan Program, a learning quest for the Fine Arts.
"We actually started with one boy (11 years old) who was very reluctant at first. He was not "into" art. After a few weeks, he is now choosing to continue working after the scheduled Artisan time is over. I feels like the "real world" element and freedom of choice turned his attitude toward the work in a completely new and positive direction."
-Kevin Auwater, Founder of Acton Academy Murfreesboro, TN
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How will my learners access the videos?

Along with the PDFs and other components that are delivered via email, you’ll get a link to all the videos. Many schools choose to post this link in a Google classroom page so the learners can access it easily during the Fine Arts Quest. You can also set a custom password and release dates so that content is paced out over a chosen calendar period.

How will I get the art supplies for the curriculum?

A materials list with hyperlinks to Amazon or Walmart is provided in the digitally delivered curriculum. You can also preview it here (insert link)

What grade-level is this geared toward?

Artisan is gearted towards childen in grades K-6. School founders and guides found it’s a sweet spot for elementary-aged learners, but there's no reason why kids who are in middle-school might still enjoy it.

Is this linked to an Acton Founder or Academy?

No, but our co-Founder and curriculum designer Rebecca served as a Fine Arts Guide at several Acton Academies in the Austin area (including the Main Campus). We were inspired by the Acton approach as we sought to create a Learner-driven model for Fine Art.

What if I have a question or concern as we roll out the program?

You can reach us via email and we’ll be happy to help! Email

Can I use this with future classes at my school?

The license holder(puchaser), can use the videos for any class within your home, individual school or department during the year. That means you only pay once, and can use the same series again for students who haven't taken the class without needing to make an additional purchase. The liscence expires at the end of the year at which point we encourage you to check for newly released curriculum and updates.

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