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Delightful, deep learning, made simple. For ages 5 - 11.
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Is Masterpiece Monthly for You?

Do you have a kid who loves art? Do you wish you could foster that love with expert guidance, curated supplies, and learning that builds over time? How about premium art classes that come straight to your home? Masterpiece Monthly is an art subscription that helps your kids from set up to clean up and develops a lifelong enjoyment of the arts!

How it works!

Simple. Authentic. Cool. Kids learn real art skills from professional artists and…have a lot of fun!

Not just crafting, lessons are inspired by Art Masters
Kids work at their own pace with premium video tutorials
Art history and skillful techniques through projects for ages 5-11

Parents don’t have to be overwhelmed! Masterpeice Monthly makes learning art at home fun and easy - no expertise needed!

Each lesson uses supplies from our less-mess list
Tidy methods help keep your space clean & organized
Kids can learn on their own as they follow along

Premium Quality and an Accessible Price: Start with a 14-day free trial, then pay just $30/month. Each month has 4 new lessons.

Stream videos on any device with a connection
Use the supply list or order supplies online
Optional printable templates help kids follow along

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from art videos on YouTube?
You might think, couldn’t I get the same content for free on YouTube? Not likely. Step-by-step drawing videos may be plentiful, but do they provide historical and cultural context? Is there a sequence of lessons that build a well-rounded skill set? Are the instructors professional artists AND dedicated parents who care deeply about the quality and age-appropriateness of the content? Are there ads and other distractions that make it difficult to assess how much time was on task during the art lesson? As you know, today’s social media outlets do offer a wealth of information, but it’s not curated, and not always designed with your child’s best interests in mind.
How does this compare to an “all-in-one-box” subscription?
Boxed subscriptions are definitely appealing and we get it! But do you ever wonder if such products teach kids to expect all activities to be “prepackaged?” What if we focus instead on teaching kids to manage a set of tools from which they can generate infinite artistic solutions? Our goal with Masterpiece Monthly is to build skills and forge habits like creative thinking and problem solving. We teach kids how to learn as an artist, how to see like an artist, and how to make connections between their own creativity and the creativity of the world we live in. These are skills that can’t be packed in a box. It’s about growth over time through role-modeling, structured guidance, and opportunities to practice and invent!
How involved do I need to be as a parent?
Modern parenting is busy and we feel you on this one. Masterpiece Monthly lessons are (1) highly engaging (2) appealing to a variety of ages and interests, and (3) simple to start and to clean up. Let us help you “get your kids off the stinkin’ tablet” and start using technology plus hands-on art to grow as deeper, happier, more vibrant humans.Through Masterpiece Monthly, your kids will learn to take ownership for their arts learning. This is their art passion and their lifelong journey toward excellence! We are here to be mentors and guides, and to show your kids how to grow as an artistic thinker.
What exactly is included in the subscription?
You'll get access to our growing archive of streaming video art lessons. Each month we release 4 new themed video lessons, which will add to the collection. Supplies are not included in the subscription, but we do provide a list for you to shop on your own, or you can buy our recommeneded all-in-one kit from a retailer. Also some lessons come with am optional printable template. Curoius what the lessons are like? Sign up for the free trial below!

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What about supplies?
Check out our go-to less-mess list! All of our lessons use these supplies. Order a kit, or buy the supplies individually.
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