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Classically inspired art lessons for today’s kids!

Masterpiece Monthly is a monthly fine-arts lesson subscription for kids 5-12. We'll be launching soon!
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Is Masterpiece Monthly for You?

What if you could get world-class art lessons for your kid(s) in the convenience of your own home? Actually, you can! Masterpiece Monthly features beautiful, classically-inspired art projects for ages 5-12. Lessons foster cultural appreciation while teaching art history, emphasizing wholesome and age-appropriate content!

How it works!

Simple. Authentic. Classical. Kids learn real art skills from professional artists and… have a lot of fun!

Not just crafting, lessons are inspired by Art Masters
Kids work at their own pace with premium videos and slideshows
Art history and skillful techniques through projects for ages 5-12

Parents don’t have to be overwhelmed! Masterpeice Monthly makes learning art at home fun and easy - no expertise needed!

Each lesson uses supplies from our less-mess list
Tidy methods help keep your space clean & organized
Kids can learn on their own as they follow along

Premium Quality and an Accessible Price: Start with a free trial, then pay just $10/month.

Get 2-4 freshly minted art lessons every month
PLUS access to the previous month's lessons!
Optional printable templates help kids follow along

Is Masterpiece Monthly for You?

As a family of artists (3 generations deep!) we love sharing the vast treasure of Masterpiece Art with today's kids. Our approach is easy to use but surprisingly sophisticated.
With Every Lesson:
  • A Full Color, 8 page Accordion Book celebrating the Master Artist (i.e. Van Gogh, Picasso) with a memorable rhyming poem
  • Premium Step-by-Step Videos or Slide Decks teach artist's techniques while your kid(s) follow along to create their own mini masterpiece (in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso...etc)
  • Adaptations for the Lesson based on age and ability (so you can have mixed age kids in your home using the same lesson, or adjust based on your kid's skill level)
  • Printable templates designed to jump start the project and spur art skills (i.e. line drawing, composition)
  • Hyperlinked supply list for click-of-a-button ordering of recommended art materials
Why it's timely:
  • In a screen-saturated world, today's kids benefit from the discipline of learning to see like an artist: to observe with perception and wisdom; to discern what is uplifting and truthful; to appreciate how the past shapes the present.
  • Masterpiece Monthly is all about creating skillfully in the footsteps of the Art Masters of history. From this foundation, kids learn to make their own creative works with confidence and joy!
  • Masterpiece Monthly is as Easy as a Piece of Cake. Start with a Free Trial. No obligation. No strings attached. Subscribe for only $10 a month once you are ready to start.
  • Rest assured, we're here to support you as you support your creative kiddo(s)! We offer artful tips and insights, and if you've got questions, just ask!

It's easy to get started!

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