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Artisan Series

Get the Artisan curriculum for schools and homeschool! 24+ video lessons, and four unique tracks to inspire the unique creativity in each student.

Artisan includes...

Sequential project-based learning
4 tracks to engage all skill levels
Over 24 premium video lessons
4 Professional Development Guides

Get the Artisan curriculum for Public & Private School

  • Ideal for In-School, After School or summer
  • Four unique tracks, over 24 premium videos
  • Ceramics, Paper Craft, Portraits, Wood Building
  • Community Building+Art+Entreprenuership
  • Inspired by concepts from the Harvard Arts-in-Education program
  • Expert guidance for teachers/faciiltiators
  • Class manager tool to share videos
  • Extended licence for multiple classes
  • $599 for 1 year license

Why Artisan?

"Artisan blends e-learning technology with hands-on artistry, all within the real-world context of a Kids' Artisan Marketplace. Artisan is inspired by 20+ years teaching art in all kinds of schools, as well as concepts from the Arts-in-Education program at Harvard."
-Rebecca Faubion, Artful Kids Club Co-Founder and Art Instructor
Use air-dry clay to create animals, pottery, small containers and more!
Paper Craft
Create plants, painted vases and more using paper & recycled materials
Wood Building
Construct wooden frames, signs and more using craft sticks and glue!
Learn to draw realistic animal portraits using various techniques


Are all 4 tracks included in the price or just 1?

All 4. We designed Artisan to encourage student choice. Learners get to test drive all 4 tracks then choose 1 to focus on. And, it’s totally ok for learners to combine elements from more than one track.

Are materials included in the price?

No. materials must be purchased separately from retailers. We provide supply lists for Amazon and Walmart for easy online shopping, which cost approximately $8 per student, or $60-$100 per homeschool family. You can view the supply list in the sample pack.

Who can teach Artisan?

You can! We provide full color PDFs with rich explanations and photos to guide planning, set-up and implementation. Concise and inspiring videos show you how to be an Artisan Guide. Also included: videos to launch the lessons and group discussion starters for each new concept.

How can I use Artisan remotely?

You can facilitate Artisan in-person, or by using the classroom manager tool that comes with the private/public school license. The classroom manager tool allows you to set a password, and share a link with your students. They can then access all of the streaming video content on their own computers or mobile devices.

What happens after the 1 year license expires?

You can choose to renew Artisan (with updates and additions!) or try different Artful Kids Club classes that we release throughout the year.

What ages is Artisan geared toward?

K-8. In our Teacher Professional Development materials, we suggest modifications that make it more suitable for younger or older learners. Each Track includes basic and advanced projects.

Can I use this with future classes at my school?

The license holder(puchaser), can use the videos for any class within your home, individual school or department during the year. That means you only pay once, and can use the same series again for students who haven't taken the class without needing to make an additional purchase. The liscence expires at the end of the year at which point we encourage you to check for newly released curriculum and updates.

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